Why don't you hang out with your other friends? You're never with that big group any more
- Anonymous

greers away, livis away, Ryan’s away, Sams seeing his cousins, so it’s been tough, but we’re all going to get together this weekend for a concert so I’m happy abt that


is this acceptable or

are you still dating ryan??
- Anonymous


Another thing for the anon before: Entirely forget middle school. Whether you were a cool kid or a not cool kid or in the gray area or whatever, middle school is such a dumb period of time and doesn't matter at all. High school is a new place, and you'll definitely find people who like you and you like and you share interests with if you're just confident and put yourself out there.
- the-bitchsquealer

^ HAHa yeah middle school doesn’t count for anything in highschool

Bean I'll make sushi for you :)))
- Anonymous


going 2 high school eeep any advice?
- Anonymous

being a freshman was nice, everybody says it sucks (it can if you make it) but really it’s new and you’re learning more about who you are and what you like, after this year I’m way more comfortable with myself. Just try not to be super loud or obnoxious as a freshman or act like you run things, just be yourself and don’t try too hard. 😁

who takes all these pics of u on insta??!
- Anonymous

Usually just my friends I’m with or my parent or something, recently pipers taken em all